PAPERANG P2 Pocket Portable Bluetooth Printer Photo Picture HD Thermal Label Printer With 1000mAh Battery 300DPI P2
Pocket Photo Thermal Printer Instant Print
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Pocket Photo Thermal Printer Instant Print


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This great looking printer works by thermal transfer, so it doesn’t need ink to print everything from your phone. No more spending a lot of money on heavy and expensive printers, refills of paper and ink. It offers you the opportunity to save money ! 

Its sleek, simple and compact design fits perfectly in your shirt pocket. The built-in battery allows you to take it everywhere and save more time, energy and money. 

phone printer
phone printer
phone printer


 ✅  Convenience: Now you can save memories, notes and print large print texts as signs or advertisements in seconds. Write your tasks and print them so you don’t forget anything!


pocket printer

 ✅  Easy to use: Print photos or images with a single click from your phone.


pocket printer

✅ Share while communicating: You can add your friends to the app and send them your messages to print. Surprise them with unexpected messages! 


portable bluetooth printer

✅ Multifunctional: To give stylish designs to your photo, the app offers a variety of fonts, filter effects and themes. 


portable bluetooth printer

You will be able to print directly from your social applications or your gallery .



inkless pocket printer

With fast printing, efficient learning, and entertainment features, you can now keep track of your work and life anytime, anywhere. 



pocket printer all media


  • The connection between the phone and the printer is done via the Bluetooth 4.0 connection.
  • Memo, recording, message and friend sharing function.

  • All information is visible on the screen from the phone and can be printed instantly.

  • Powered by rechargeable lithium ion battery of 1000mAh, working continuously for 24 hours, with a charging time of 1.5 hours and a week of standby time.


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