Pro Photo Studio Lighting Kit
Pro Photo Studio Lighting Kit (Studio Lighting Kit)

Pro Photo Studio Lighting Kit (Studio Lighting Kit)


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A backdrop and a lighting system is an indispensable piece of professional photography equipment. Our photo studio kit contains a backdrop kit with 5 backdrops and an adjustable and foldable frame, as well as a complete lighting kit with soft boxes, umbrellas, reflector and adjustable brackets that fit store in two convenient carrying bags for on-site filming.

The backdrop system has a maximum width of 300 cm and can be combined with one of our many different colored backdrops. The flexible background system is easy to set up and can be used for portraits, advertising photography or product photography.

The professional softbox lighting system is ideal for digital and analog product and portrait photography. With a color temperature of 5500K, the softbox emits the ideal light in natural color and optimum range. As it is a cold light source, no additional heat is generated in the studio. It is ideal for use in portrait areas to produce different lighting and background lighting effects, and for use in product area as the main light. The tripod has a standard 1/4 ” tripod thread.

The umbrella lighting system also consists of two daylight lamps with adjustable tripods. The two white and two black parasols provide soft light, thus avoiding harsh shadows.

Delivery includes;

1 X 2*3M Backdrop Support
1 x 1.6*3M White Backdrop
1 x 1.6*3M Black Backdrop
1 x 1.6*3M Green Backdrop
1 x 1.6*3M Gray Backdrop
2 x Softbox
4 x 2m Light stand
4 x Lamp holder
2 x White umbrella
2 x Black&Silver umbrella
2 x 135w Lamp
4 x 25w Led Lamp
3 x Clamps
1 x 5in1 60cm reflector
1 x Bag


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